Parental Choice Education Savings Accounts; established, definition of poverty guidelines.

Bill Summary:

Parental Choice Education Savings Accounts established.
Permits the parents of qualified students, defined in the bill,
to apply to the school division in which the qualified student resides
for a one-year, renewable Parental Choice Education Savings Account
that consists of an amount that is equivalent to a certain percentage
of all applicable annual Standards of Quality per pupil state funds
appropriated for public school purposes and apportioned to the resident
school division in which the qualified student resides, including
the per pupil share of state sales tax funding in basic aid and any
state per pupil share of special education funding for which the
qualified student is eligible. The bill permits the parent of the
qualified student to use the moneys in such account for certain education-related
expenses of the qualified student, including tuition, deposits, fees,
and required textbooks at a private elementary school or secondary
school that is located in the Commonwealth. The bill also contains
provisions relating to auditing, rescinding, and reviewing expenses
made from such accounts.

Bill Patron: LaRock

Last Action(s):
(House) VOTE: Passage (52-Y 48-N) February 15, 2022
(Senate) Passed by indefinitely in Education and Health (9-Y 6-N) March 3, 2022

Bill Status:
Passed House