Elections; voter identification containing photograph required, etc.

Bill Summary:

Elections; voter identification containing photograph
required; who may register up to and including the day of the election;
availability of absentee voting in person; return of absentee ballots.

Requires presentation of a form of identification containing a photograph in
order to vote and provides that a voter who does not have one of the required
forms of identification is entitled to cast a provisional ballot. The bill
repeals a provision that would permit any person who is qualified to register
to vote to do so in person up to and including the day of the election and
limits the persons who are entitled to register to vote after the close of
registration records to members of a uniformed service of the United States on
active duty, persons who are residing temporarily outside of the United States,
and their spouses and dependents. The bill limits the period during which
absentee voting in person is available from 45 days to the 10 days immediately
preceding the date of the election, including both Saturdays. The bill requires
that absentee ballots returned by mail be returned to the office of the general
registrar by the close of polls on election day and be postmarked on or before
the Saturday preceding the date of the election. The bill eliminates the use of
drop-off locations for the return of absentee ballots. The bill requires
absentee ballot applications to contain the last four digits of the applicant's
social security number and provides that the failure of an absentee ballot to
include a witness signature is a material omission, rendering the ballot void.

Bill Patron: Wyatt

Last Action(s):
(House) Left in Privileges and Elections February 15, 2022

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