Emergency custody and temporary detention; transportation of person when transfer of custody.

Bill Summary:

Emergency custody and temporary detention; transportation;
transfer of custody.
Provides that, in cases in which transportation
of a person subject to an emergency custody order or temporary detention
order is ordered to be provided by an alternative transportation provider,
the primary law-enforcement agency that executes the order may transfer
custody of the person to the alternative transportation provider immediately
upon execution of the order, and that the alternative transportation
provider shall maintain custody of the person from the time custody
is transferred to the alternative transportation provider by the primary
law-enforcement agency until such time as custody of the person is
transferred to the community services board or its designee that is
responsible for conducting the evaluation or the temporary detention
facility, as is appropriate. The bill also adds employees of and persons
providing services pursuant to a contract with the Department of Behavioral
Health and Developmental Services to the list of individuals who may
serve as alternative transportation providers.

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(House) Left in Appropriations February 15, 2022

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