Occupation; evaluation of legislation increasing/beginning regulation, com. chairman request.

Bill Summary:

Evaluation of legislation increasing or beginning
regulation of an occupation; committee chairman to request.
that when any bill that would require the Department of Professional
and Occupational Regulation to increase or begin regulation of an
occupation is filed, the chairman of the committee having jurisdiction
over the bill shall forward it to the Board for Professional and
Occupational Regulation for evaluation. The Board shall complete
such evaluation by November 1 of the same year for requests received
during a regular session or as soon as practicable for requests received
during a special session. Currently, the Division of Legislative Services
identifies and forwards such bills to the Board for evaluation.

Bill Patron: Webert

Last Action(s):
(House) Enrolled Bill communicated to Governor on March 22, 2022 March 22, 2022
(Senate) Signed by President March 11, 2022
(Governor) Acts of Assembly Chapter text (CHAP0647)

Bill Status:
Passed House
Passed Senate