Drug-related investigations; use of confidential informants.

Bill Summary:

Use of confidential informants in drug-related
Directs the Department of Criminal Justice Services
to establish a model policy for the use of confidential informants
in drug-related investigations and to include in such model policy
that (i) no individual currently on probation may serve as a confidential
informant without notice to his probation or parole officer, (ii)
no individual who has recently violated the terms of his probation
or parole shall serve as a confidential informant, (iii) law-enforcement
personnel shall obtain approval from the appropriate local attorney
for the Commonwealth prior to working with a confidential informant,
and (iv) such confidential informant shall not unlawfully use or
possess any controlled substances.

Bill Patron: Willett

Last Action(s):
(House) Left in Courts of Justice February 15, 2022

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