Cemeteries; interment rights, proof of kinship.

Bill Summary:

Cemeteries; interment rights; proof of kinship.
Allows a family member or descendant of a deceased person buried
in a cemetery that is located on private property to petition the
circuit court of the county or city where the property is located
for interment rights upon such property. The bill provides that such
family member or descendant may prove kinship to the court through
official documentation or nonofficial documentation, such as obituaries,
family Bibles or other documents with family signatures, journals
or letters of the deceased person interred on the private property,
family photographs, or other documentation deemed by the court to
be reliable. The bill requires, upon satisfactory showing of proof
of kinship, a private property owner to allow such family member
or descendant access to the property for the purpose of interment.

Bill Patron: Roem

Last Action(s):
(House) Left in General Laws February 15, 2022

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