Inclusionary housing; zoning.

Bill Summary:

Inclusionary housing; zoning. Requires
cities and towns in the Commonwealth to develop and promulgate housing
plans that address the supply of safe, sanitary, and affordable shelter
for all current and anticipated residents of their communities.
Such plans must connect economic development efforts that bring new
jobs to the supply of safe, sanitary, and affordable shelter for all
who will fill those jobs; the location of housing and the location
of mobility resources; and the availability of accredited high-quality
affordable education, parks, indoor and outdoor recreation, libraries,
health care, and healthy living resources, including the availability
of fresh food. Such housing plans shall be reviewed and revised no
less frequently than every five years. Cities and towns that promulgate
a housing plan may create, implement, and enforce inclusionary housing
programs applicable to new housing development and conversions of
previously nonresidential uses into residential uses. Counties utilizing
the urban county executive form of government (Fairfax County) or
the county manager plan of government (Arlington County) may also
follow and use these provisions to provide inclusionary housing.

Bill Patron: Carr

Last Action(s):
(House) Continued to 2023 in Counties, Cities and Towns February 11, 2022

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Carried Over