Packaging Stewardship Program and Fund; established.

Bill Summary:

Packaging Stewardship Program and Fund; Stewardship
Advisory Committee; established.
Establishes the Packaging Stewardship
Program, administered by the Department of Environmental Quality.
Under the Program, a producer that sells products with packaging
materials in the Commonwealth pays a fee to the Department based
upon the amount of packaging used and whether or not it is easily
recyclable. A producer may establish an alternative collection program
to offset some or all of the fees. The fees are paid into the Packaging
Stewardship Fund, established in the bill, and are used to reimburse
participating localities for expenses related to recycling, invest
in recycling infrastructure and education, and pay administrative
costs related to the Program. The bill authorizes the Department
to contract with a third party to administer the Program. The bill
also establishes a Stewardship Advisory Committee, with 23 members
appointed by the Director of the Department, to oversee implementation
of the Program.

Bill Patron: Carr

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(House) Left in Agriculture, Chesapeake and Natural Resources February 15, 2022

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