Elections; photo identification required, time for in-person absentee.

Bill Summary:

Elections; photo identification required; time
for in-person absentee; absentee ballots not accepted after election
day; repeal of permanent absentee voter list.
Requires presentation
of a form of identification containing a photograph in order to vote.
The bill repeals the provisions of law permitting a voter who does
not have one of the required forms of identification to vote after
signing a statement, subject to felony penalties for false statements,
that he is the named registered voter he claims to be. Instead, the
bill provides that such voter is entitled to cast a provisional
ballot. The bill also limits absentee voting in person to the week
immediately preceding an election. The bill repeals the provisions
of law by which any registered voter may apply to receive absentee
ballots for all elections in which he is eligible to vote and remains
on the list until the voter requests in writing to be removed from
the list, the voter's registration is canceled or placed on inactive
status pursuant to law, or the voter moves to a different address
not in the same county or city of his registration. The bill also
removes provisions allowing absentee ballots received after the close
of polls to be counted.

Bill Patron: Williams

Last Action(s):
(House) Left in Privileges and Elections February 15, 2022

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