Civilian deaths in custody; report.

Bill Summary:

Civilian deaths in custody; report. Requires
every law-enforcement agency and correctional facility to report
to the Department of Criminal Justice Services certain information
regarding the death of any person who is detained, under arrest or
in the process of being arrested, en route to be incarcerated, incarcerated,
or otherwise in the custody of such law-enforcement agency or correctional
facility. The bill provides that any law-enforcement agency or correctional
facility that fails to comply may, at the discretion of the Department,
be declared ineligible for state grants or funds. The bill also requires
the Department to analyze the submitted data to (i) determine the
means by which such information can be used to reduce the number
of such deaths and (ii) examine the relationship, if any, between
the number of such deaths and the actions of management of such law-enforcement
agencies and correctional facilities. The Director of the Department
shall annually report the findings and recommendations resulting
from the analysis and interpretation of the data to the Governor,
the General Assembly, and the Attorney General beginning on or before
July 1, 2023, and each July 1 thereafter.

Bill Patron: Price

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(House) Left in Public Safety February 15, 2022

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