Nonpayment of wages; defense of contractor.

Bill Summary:

Nonpayment of wages; defense of contractor. Provides that a general contractor or subcontractor, regardless of tier, may submit as evidence in defending against a claim for nonpayment a written certification, under oath, from any lower-tier subcontractor stating that (i) the subcontractor and each of his sub-subcontractors has paid all employees all wages due for the period during which the wages are claimed for the work performed on the project and (ii) to the subcontractor's knowledge, all sub-subcontractors below the subcontractor, regardless of tier, have similarly paid their employees all such wages. This bill is identical to SB 538.

Bill Patron: Kilgore

Last Action(s):
(House) Enacted, Chapter 771 (effective 7/1/22) April 27, 2022
(Senate) Signed by President as reenrolled April 27, 2022
(Governor) Acts of Assembly Chapter text (CHAP0771)

Bill Status:
Passed House
Passed Senate