Public Guardianship and Conservator Ombudsman Office; established.

Bill Summary:

Public Guardianship and Conservator Ombudsman Office. Directs the Commissioner of the Department for Aging and Rehabilitation Services to establish a Public Guardianship and Conservator Ombudsman Office within the Department to (i) assist members of the public in understanding the public guardianship process and make available to the public information regarding public guardianship, including the rights and responsibilities of public guardians and individuals subject to public guardianship; (ii) provide information to the public regarding local and regional public guardian and conservator programs in the Commonwealth; (iii) receive complaints regarding public guardians, provide referrals to public and private agencies and other entities for assistance in resolving the issue giving rise to the complaint, and provide information regarding how to navigate the complaint process; and (iv) collect data regarding the number of inquiries and complaints received, the types of assistance provided, and the disposition of the matter, if known. The bill directs the Department to make information regarding the Office available on its website and to disseminate information regarding the Office to all adults for whom a public guardian is appointed and all adults residing in various congregate care settings.

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(House) Left in Appropriations February 15, 2022

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