Court-ordered custody and visitation arrangements; petition for visitation by grandparent.

Bill Summary:

Visitation; petition of grandparent. Requires
the court, in petitions for visitation filed by the grandparent of
a child where either (i) the parent is the grandparent's child and
is deceased, incarcerated, or incapacitated, or has had his parental
rights terminated or (ii) the grandparent has an established relationship
with the child and has provided a significant level of care for the
child, to consider the following factors: (a) the historical relationship
between the grandparent and child, (b) the motivation of the grandparent
in seeking visitation, (c) the motivation of the living parent in
denying visitation to the grandparent, (d) the quantity of time requested
and the effect it will have on the child's daily activities, and
(e) the benefits of maintaining a relationship with the extended
family of the deceased parent.

Bill Patron: Morrissey

Last Action(s):
(Senate) Passed by indefinitely in Judiciary (10-Y 5-N) January 31, 2022

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