Group Violence Intervention Board, Division of Group Violence Intervention, etc.; established.

Bill Summary:

Group Violence Intervention Board; Division
of Group Violence Intervention; Project Ceasefire Grant Fund; Project
Exit Grant Fund; report.
Establishes the Group Violence Intervention
Board to coordinate and assist federal, state, and local group violence
intervention efforts. The bill also establishes within the Department
of Criminal Justice Services (the Department) the Division of Group
Violence Intervention (the Division), to be headed by an executive
director appointed by the Director of the Department. The bill provides
that the Division is responsible for (i) coordinating the efforts
of members of state and local law enforcement, community members,
and social services providers to combat group violence; (ii) serving
as a clearinghouse for research, best practices, and strategies that
may be utilized in the implementation, execution, and evaluation
of group violence interventions; and (iii) implementing and administering
various federal, state, and local grant funds that aid group violence
intervention efforts. Finally, the bill creates the Project Ceasefire
Grant Fund, which provides money to organizations that are involved
in group violence intervention efforts, and creates the Project Exit
Grant Fund, which provides money to organizations that assist former
gang members or individuals attempting to leave gangs.

Bill Patron: DeSteph

Last Action(s):
(Senate) Passed by indefinitely in Judiciary (8-Y 6-N 1-A) February 2, 2022

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