Occoquan, Town of; new charter, previous charter repealed except section 2.

Bill Summary:

Charter; Town of Occoquan. Establishes a new charter for the Town of Occoquan in Prince William County and repeals the current charter, which was created in 1930. The proposed charter sets out the organization of the town's government and contains powers typically granted to towns. Changes from the current charter include (i) updating the description of the Town's boundary, (ii) changing the election dates for councilmembers and the mayor from May to November, (iii) changing the mayor's and councilmembers' terms of office from two years to four years, (iv) eliminating provisions that duplicate provisions in the Code of Virginia, and (v) deleting outdated provisions. This bill is identical to HB 822.

Bill Patron: Surovell

Last Action(s):
(House) Signed by Speaker March 8, 2022
(Senate) Enrolled Bill Communicated to Governor on March 22, 2022 March 22, 2022
(Governor) Acts of Assembly Chapter text (CHAP0536)

Bill Status:
Passed House
Passed Senate